Membership Benefits:

Members of the Dayton Association of Chinese Americans will be able to participate in many annual DACA events. These include:

  • Chinese New Year celebration
  • Local community affairs and engagements, e.g. DIFI
  • Summer camping trip
  • Summer & Fall picnics
  • DACA Youth Group events and activities
  • DACA Senior Club events and activities
  • DACA Dance Club events and activities
  • more ……

Membership Requirements:

Membership of DACA is open to any United States citizen, any United States permanent resident or any United States resident who accepts the purposes as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and DACA Code of Regulations. A Member must be eighteen (18) years of age or over, and support the Constitution of the United States. DACA is made up of Americans of Chinese descent who are proud of their heritage.

Want to become a DACA Member?

Send us an email with your name and contact information on the Contact Us page and we’ll get in touch!
Alternatively, you may download this form and mail it to the address on the Contact Us page.